HBC Building Certification ACT and NSW



Heritage Building Certification (HBC) was established on the 9th September 2013. The name (heritage) was chosen as a derivative from a traditional brand regarded as emblematic of skill and commitment to service rather than valued objects and historic buildings of cultural significance. The company is based in Queanbeyan NSW and provides building surveying and certification services in NSW and regions and the ACT Canberra areas.

David Millar is the Director of Millar Consultancy Pty Ltd trading as HBC and heads the companies building surveying functions.

Experience and Qualifications

As a practising building surveyor and building code consultant for over 22 years, David has developed a broad spectrum of knowledge to ensure our clients experience a smooth transition from initial inquiry and application to final inspection approval. Previously employed with local government in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT government in Canberra, David has also been employed in the private certification industry in the ACT and, although having attained a longer association with government process objectives and policies, is very responsive to clients expecations in terms of commercial demands and priorities.

David has a degree in both building surveying and building design together with a graduate diploma in business management and is accredited nationally at level 1 with the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS).

HBC is focussed primarily on providing building certification deliverables in NSW and ACT regional areas that include health and public buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and high and low rise residential buildings.

HBC (David Millar) is registered in NSW as an A1 grade Accredited Certifier and Principle Certifying Authority (PCA) and also licensed in the ACT as a Principal Building Surveyor.


HBC has a highly developed and accurate compliance matrix measure to ensure clients are informed of building code administration regimes that currently operate within the planning and building control regulatory framework in both NSW and ACT.

Providing an efficient and effective service is central to our mission statement. Fundamentally this means prompt service delivery and, of course, HBC recognises that favourable client impression and expectation are important indicators of a successful outcome.

HBC believes it is therefore important to establish key areas of clent satisfaction that needs constant attention in terms of total communication, care to notify client of correct advice, prompt response to email correspondence, including fast response to matters of non - compliance at the preliminary building design stage. HBC provides a critical information advisory service to our clients at the earliest development of the plans to ensure a seamless application process is possible from commencement of building works to the final issue of the occupation/use certificate. 

The photo gallery on our webpage shows the range of construction projects associated with previous approval decisions by David Millar in respect of low-rise residential unit developments, single and two storey detached dwellings, medium - rise and high - rise commercial construction developments. The photo gallery will be updated and reviewed as new development projects are completed.

It is the companies aim and objectives to provide consistently recognised professional outcomes that demonstrate to our clients - value for money relative to our initial meeting and fee proposal to final inspection and occupancy/use delivery. HBC intends to achieve professional recognition throughout the construction industry by working closely with both the design and construction teams. Our distinctive approach and experience is targeted to attract a range of clients from government agencies, architects, building designers, individal builders, large and small developers to small investment companies as well as home owners.

In summary, HBC's main objective is to provide consistent professional deliverables for our clients at reasonable cost and simultaneously achieve high levels of satisfaction that meet client expectations.